How To Create A Link Building Strategy For Your WordPress Blog?

For your WordPress blog to be successful, it is important that link building is a part of your growth strategy.  Owning a WordPress blog, like planting a tree, is only the beginning of a journey.  One factor that is involved in both processes is a steady growth process. For your WordPress blog to grow, you will need to generate steady traffic to your site. In this article, I will look at what link building is and why it is important for the growth of your WordPress blog.

What Is Link Building?

Link building is a strategic way of getting links to your blog from other websites. It is simply the process of getting other websites to link back to your WordPress blog. It is a growth strategy that many internet marketers have come to appreciate.

Incorporating a link building strategy requires creativity, patience, consistency and sometimes perseverance (because sometimes it could take longer than you expect).
If you are like me, then the next question would be, ‘why do I need to build (back) links?’ Well, I will provide 2 reasons why you need to here;

  • Do you know that Google verifies the trust of a website? They do this by checking for the quality of its backlinks.
  • Google also uses the quality of backlinks to determine the ranks of websites for a search query. Therefore, building good links will give your blog a lot of exposure.

Tips For Creating A Link Building Strategy

Now that you know the importance of link building, the next step should be how to build links. The rules of engagement when it comes having a solid link building strategy are simple. They are:

  • QUALITY CONTENT: While it is very important that you properly build links, it is more important to have worthy The truth is that you have to show that you are worthy of having your links shared. This can be done by having top-notch content because if the blog is crappy, it can cause harm to their reputation. Ensure that the content that is being posted on the blog is useful to the readers and original. If you do this then readers will help your blog get more traffic. Great content is probably the most effective strategy that you can ever use, and the good news is that you are in charge of this strategy.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: This strategy is not only cost effective (in most cases), it is also underrated. Social media has to be embedded in your blog’s growth strategy. You can get countless additional clicks on your blog just by sharing it on your Whatsapp status. You can do that across all your social media pages and also get your family and friends to share your links on all their social media pages.
  • BE RELEVANT: Millions of people are online every second, and basically, everyone is surfing various web pages. As long as you have relevant content that people can relate to, you will definitely get people coming back from time to time.
  • GUEST POSTING: Of what use is your fantastic content if it doesn’t reach enough people? Guest posting is one growth strategy that blog owners use to help one another grow. By doing this, you are showing people a tip of the iceberg, and they would look forward to visiting your blog.
  • USE THE RIGHT WEBSITES TO BUILD LINKS: It is important because this will expose your blog to the right kind of individuals. The content on your blog will be appreciated more when the right people read it. If for example, you run a blog that talks about LGBT rights, you would instead not build links on religious sites. Therefore, it is essential to consider the website before building a link on it.

Why Is Link Building Strategy Important To Your Blog?

Link building is a major aspect of search engine optimization. As earlier discussed, links are used by search engines to determine rankings. Beyond this, there are several other benefits that you will enjoy as a result of having a proper link building strategy. They include;

  1. Visibility: Link building, when done properly can open your blog to people all over the world. Your blog will become more visible in search results and this will bring more visitors to your blog.
  2. Brand Building: The more visible your blog is, the more you can build your brand and establish your authority in your niche.
  3. Creating relationships: When link building is done correctly, it can lead to new relationships for work, g. someone that reads your blog and needs you on a project because of what he/she read. These kinds of mutual relationship can go a long way in helping not just your blog but you as an individual.
  4. Competitive Advantage: How do you think Google decides on how to rank websites? For instance, if there is a situation where there are similar businesses that operate websites and a decision needs to be made in their ranking, what factor do you think Google uses? Google will simply evaluate their link popularity. A unique link building strategy can put you miles ahead of your competition.
  5. Steady Referral traffic: Your blog can get regular traffic outside Google and other search engines. How can this be? There are certain popular websites where a single link there can push traffic to your blog for months.
  6. Marketing power: Your blog can gain a lot of marketing power as a result of a quality link building strategy. If you can the domain authority of your WordPress blog then you are simultaneously increasing your marketing power.

 Wrapping things up

Link Building will continue to be a relevant means of gaining traffic. If your current strategy is not doing that, then it is time you switched up to a better growth strategy for your blog.

On the importance of having a worthy webpage

Before you decide to build link, it is important to create value because that is the secret to having regular revisits on your blog. Link building is made easy when you have created value through the contents of your blog.

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